TIBCO Cloud Visual Design

TIBCO Cloud Integration can change the way you do business.

I was involved with UX designers, products managers and UI engineers to built this project for many months. There are many screens below that show cases some of the salient screens, visual design patterns etc,

Free trial and purchase

I worked with interaction designers and product managers to come up with clean, yet visually exciting onboarding screens.

Administrative screens

Hero screens are balanced out with clean utilitarian interfaces to make it easy for administrators to manage their subscriptions and team members. The interface was updated based on usability testing and changing product team needs.

Illustration and iconography

I created a set of empty state illustrations and icons to bring the interface to life.

Process and iteration

After meeting with stakeholders, product managers and interaction designers, I created some initial screens to show the basic journey from the signed-out to signed-in experience. Numerous visual styles were tried; the below is an example of an early iteration.


To loosen up, I often do quick hand drawings to quickly explore a layout or a flow. The below shows some sketches done to figure out an early iteration of the home page and a group of product icons for our Data Management offerings.


Helped shorten sales cycles through subscription sign ups and gave the company a cohesive story for its Cloud efforts.


Continue refining the interface based on user testing and upcoming product needs.